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Camaro at Restoration ShopCourtesy Body Works is a full service auto restoration shop.  Our passion for classic vehicles shows in our work.  From muscle cars to VW vans, we've done it all. 

The paint job is the finishing touch on a restoration and the thing people notice most.  Let us put your hard work over the top with a show car quality paint job. 

Our technicians are extremely experienced with classic cars and will treat yours as if it is his own. 

Restoration Paint Jobs

Our skilled painters and experienced technicians, combined with our expert color matching system allow us to provide the finest paint jobs available for your restoration project.  Our modern facilities and attention to detail give you a paint job that brings your dream to reality.

Painting Other Items

We will paint almost anything you can bring us.  We've painted a wide vairety of items like tractors, semis, motorcycles, forklifts, home items, and more.  Let us paint your project and you won't be dissapolinted.

VW Bus Painted By Courtesy Body WorksTractor Painted by Courtesy Body Works


Contact us today to discuss your restoration project and why our shop is the best choice for you.


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